Welcome to the Nowling Lab web site. I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. MSOE is a primarily-undergraduate polytechnic offering students a challenging academic environment with small classes that emphasizes hands-on learning. We recently started a Computer Science program focused on data science and machine learning. Although new, the program builds on our existing Software Engineering and Computing Engineering programs.

My research is focused on the application of machine learning and statistics to genomes of insect vectors. Insects present multiple challenges in sequencing, assembly, and analysis that require the development of new tools and approaches. I collaborate with groups at larger research universities and undergraduate students at my institution. I aim to provide students with experiences through which they can assess research as a potential career path. Through my collaborations, students are exposed to fields outside of Computer Science, the nature of interdisciplinary work, and research-intensive environments. I am interested in working with any and all students with a passion for learning and a strong work ethic, regardless of GPA, prior experience, or major.